In 2016, decision was made to enlarge the family of KREMLIN AWARD Vodkas. Our vodka masters looking for a radically different recipe, which at the same time should be a continuation of the heritage of the Russian vodka masters.

The Vodka, which recipe was found and elaborated named KREMLIN AWARD Classic with pride and respect to Russian Classic routs of handcrafted Vodkas.

KREMLIN AWARD Classic Vodka is created by well-known masters, who were able to re-born the classic recipe of Russian vodka, created on the basis of juniper.

KREMLIN AWARD Classic is created by using heritage recipe and reflects in its quality the best of the centuries-old experience of Ancient Russian vodka makers and the modern Russia traditions. The unique recipe which could connect together the ancient heritage recipes and modern features.

The finished blend remains in the tanks for two weeks and only after re-tasting it comes to bottling. KREMLIN AWARD Classic vodka is soft and has a long sweet after-taste.

The decision was made to develop a drink for all diplomatic receptions and banquets in the Kremlin that would become the hallmark ofhigh-level events. It was unanimously agreed that the official drink would be vodka, the most traditional Russian beverage.

A team of leading industry specialists worked for two years under the strict control of the Kremlin to perfect the formulation of this new vodka. The finished recipe remaineda state secret, further elevating the status of this exclusive spirit. This vodka was only produced on a special order of the Kremlinand in limited quantities.

The first large shipment of this “protocol” vodka was special ordered on the February 1945 summit in Yalta. This vodka was also served at the first New Year’s reception in the Grand Kremlin Palace on December 31, 1953. A special production run was authorized in April 1961 for an official banquet celebratinga historic moment. Since then, no significant event has passed without this vodka to commemorate the occasion. From hunting on the presidential grounds of Zavidovo to official New Year’s Eve celebrations at Ostankino, the Kremlin’s vodka has been served.

For decades this vodka was recognized by the Kremlin but did not bear an official name. Among insiders it was referred to as “protocolvodka,” or simply “the Kremlin’s vodka.” Wehave elected to call it KREMLIN AWARD Grand Premium ,preserving the rein the legend of the vodka’s unique origins. KREMLIN AWARD stays true to tradition and history, combining them with an innovative production process to create a spirit of unparalleled quality.

KREMLIN AWARD Grand Premium vodka combines the finest traditions of Russian nature, history, and technology. To prepare this product, we use water subjected to three steps of purification and only the highest quality spirits. Ideal naturaling redients, blended according to a uniquerecipe, create an exceptional flavor and clean, delicate vodka. The innovative filtration system of the distillery yields a perfect product with exceptional clarity and a crystalline shine.This ultra-modern production according to atime-honored Russian tradition is the hallmarkof KREMLIN AWARD Grand Premium vodka.

KREMLIN AWARD Organic Limited Edition vodka is made on the basis of ecologically pure products: natural drinking water and alcohol of the Lux category. The alcohol is produced of the organically grown wheat grain of the valuable variety with the highest quality score from the ecologically clean area of Russia. The vodka passes through a multi-stage cleaning via ecologically pure birch charcoal. These are the integral stages of the vodka production, due to which KREMLIN AWARD Organic vodka gets sophisticated taste and flavor and crystal transparency.


KREMLIN AWARD Vintage vodka is made on the basis of ecologically pure grain products of the same year harvest. The alcohol is produced of the valuable variety of wheat with the highest quality score of the selected year.  In order to obtain a high-quality alcohol, the wheat grains of the given year harvest are being stored in the grain silo during a year until the physiological maturity is achieved. The Luxury alcohol made of these wheat grains then is mixed with the natural drinking water and passes through a multi-stage cleaning via ecologically pure birch charcoal with a following mandatory rest and extract. Limited production during the given on labels year.

Author’s vodka of the master blender V. Aksenov.


KREMLIN AWARD President – this is the vodka for those, who deserve to receive a top-level award from the hands of the first persons of the state. This product is made especially for holding of diplomatic occasions, meetings at the highest level. It is bottled in limited lots.

Exclusive recipe combining the best techniques of preparation of the legendary super premium vodka.

Water is extracted from our own artesian well 310 meters. Prior to its mergence with alcohol, the water passes through a special sand filter and is enriched with oxygen, which provides it with the unique organoleptic and physical-chemical characteristics.

The spirit is obtained from wheat grains of most valuable plant species with the best quality indicators for the selected year. The highest quality of this kind of the alcohol is achieved due to the fact that additionally within 1 year, the grain matures up in elevators until it reaches the best physiological maturity. During this time, a number of biochemical processes occur in the grain, which significantly improves the organoleptic properties of the spirit and endows the drink with flavors and aromas in a rich range. The addition of the millet alcoholic infusion to the blend helps to enrich the drink with valuable elements and add softness and originality to its taste.

Before bottling, the alcohol-water blend is aged for a month in special water containers in order to harmonize and soften the vodka taste. It is exactly thanks to the aging, that the vodka of this particular brand is distinguished by its rich flavor and aroma palette.

Smell is not sharp, clean, with a light tough of grain smell, slightly sweet.

Taste of the vodka is soft but special, absolutely not sharp and at the same time really rich and saturated. The taste shows clearly the grain component of the product, a light, barely noticeable unobtrusive sweetness with hints of vanilla. A soft, pleasant warming aftertaste.